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Pages in the Wind - Sally DeSmet

Pages in the Wind - Sally DeSmet
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Sally Saylor DeSmet

Monday, October 24, 2016

Intuitive Fear - Brooklyn Bitters

Time passed as I continued to stare at my house. Every minute or so, I peered up the street for signs of Gunner's car. Nothing. It made no sense to stay in my car. My legs had cramped, and if I kept the inside light on any longer, it could wear down the battery. That would strand me. I massaged my neck muscles and wondered why I was frightened now. I'm home. Just go inside, Gunner will be back soon.

A sense of foreboding pursued me as I headed up the walkway, looking side-to-side for signs of an unknown peril. Months of uncertainty were coming to a sinister conclusion, I felt it in my gut.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Kate's Doubts

The central character in Brooklyn Bitters, a forty year old career woman, longs for a romantic relationship. When she meets a handsome, charismatic man in New York City her excitement is filled with doubts. The man is secretive and she fears her attraction to him will supersede her good sense. In this excerpt, in the privacy of her office, she contemplates their relationship.

I tossed the messages aside and leaned back in my chair staring at my framed degree on the wall. I graduated summa cum laude not because I was a member of Mensa but because I worked my ass off. I couldn't let a secretive man derail all I'd worked for. So, until Gunner could fess up to why he showed up that night at Mulligans and who he was—I couldn't go any further with him.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brooklyn Bitters is in its final edit and coming along nicely. The characters are have evolved considerably since the first draft. This scene deals with the uncertainty of life. Kate, the protagonist in the story, faces her fear over her mother’s illness.

An unexpected flood of dread stopped me. The silence of the room played its hand, deep in my gut, forming a physical ache. My heart sputtered and beat out of sync as I sat down. My mother was lost in her body. I missed the way her head tilted forward when she listened to me, how she nodded when she agreed, and how her eyebrows arched when she challenged me. I longed to see the way her blue eyes blinked with tears when she talked about her faith. I adored her, and no one could take her place. That scared me. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Brooklyn Bitters

Brooklyn Bitters is my new book, coming out this summer. The story is about two sisters and how family ties can sometimes lead to deadly consequences. It explores the role of guilt and loyalty and pits romantic love against family devotion. It's gritty and fast-paced with a lot of plot twists and characters you are sure to love and hate.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kate and Gunner

My second book, Brooklyn Bitters, is almost finished. As with Pages in the Wind, I have become attached to the characters. This work deals with loyalty, betrayal, secrets, and love. The love story between Kate and Gunner is beautiful, though it doesn't always run smoothly. Here is an excerpt:

I hung up with a knot forming in my stomach. I was happy he had taken steps to improve his life, but I didn’t want him to move on without me. I wanted to see his place in Midtown, celebrate his admission to Georgia Tech, and talk to him about his dreams for the future. I wanted it to be our future. But that was impossible because of my pledge to put some distance between us. Doing the right thing made me miserable and set me back to the gloomy life I had before Gunner.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Body Language

               Brooklyn Bitters

I'm enjoying the new characters in my upcoming book, Brooklyn Bitters. The heroine, Kate Hathaway, is a lonely forty year old career woman with an addiction to romance novels. Her younger sister is a married homemaker with a husband and three kids. Opposites, for sure. The picket fence may have a few loose boards, as we find out in this scene. Kate, whose mother is in the hospital, finds out that her sister and brother-in-law will not help with expenses.

All I could do was stare at her. I wondered if this was her idea or if Frank was not the boring wimp I pegged him for. He’d still be boring, but maybe he was a boring dictator. He just stood there, dressed in khaki slacks and a brown pullover sweater I was sure Stacey had picked out. His gray eyes stared straight ahead, but the way he switched from one foot to the other made me think he was uncomfortable or uncommitted. I couldn't tell.