Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Stuck - have you ever felt stuck? It's indescribable — but in Pages in the Wind, Emily tries to give it a voice.  For her, seemingly positive symbols hold a different meaning.  After a barren conversation with her obsessive-compulsive mother, she wanders outside feeling "stuck."

As I walked outside to look for Reid, I felt like I was lugging a two-ton anchor behind me.  I know anchors are a sign of safety and all that — but that’s not how it feels to me.  You see, I want to sail away from the miserable anchor I’m tied to and find safer waters — somewhere.  Have you ever seen a boat weighed down by an anchor during a windstorm? It’s pitiful.  The boat rocks and struggles in the current, and jerks around rather hopelessly.  It’s trapped.  And when the winds die down — it’s so banged up it can’t sail anymore.  So – no, anchors are not always a sign of safety.  Sometimes they are deadly.

Emily cannot break away from her anchor because she is too young to be on her own.  By the time she reaches adulthood, she's weathered some pretty horrific storms.  How she deals with her past will be intriguing — and very unexpected.


  1. I love your analog with the anchor and your writing is fabulous. I know how Emily feels, I've been there too. Its hard to cut anchor in childhood and as she said, by the time you are out there is so much damage to undo. Love your blog!!!

  2. Very pretty writing and i love your metaphors. I saw you on LinkedIn, appreciated the conversation very much

  3. Sally that was a lovely use of anchor as symbol for weighing one down. Life does feel like that sometimes, and it's a wonderful feeling when the ropes are untied.
    I've read previous posts of yours and have always enjoyed them very much. I'm glad I stopped by.

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  5. Feeling weathered at a young age is not good in real life, but great for a fictional character.


  6. I've been following your blog for a while now. I comment a lot but i don't know if you put them on anymore. i love what you write and sometimes i fell like your talking about me. I've had the same type experiences. When is the book out? Please write and tell me because I'm caught in the plot already!!! Thank you.


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