Friday, February 26, 2010


Emily had an older brother, Aaron, two years older than Emily. Aaron was handsome, quick-thinking, outgoing, and bright. He had her father's dark features, and was a striking reflection of him. Although Aaron and Emily lived in the same house, they did not share the same childhood. Aaron was free to run in and out of the house, and chatter about his childish exploits and adventures. Emily's father adored him from inception. There were pictures of Aaron lining the walls of the spacious ranch style house. Emily would occasionally overhear her father boasting about his quintessential son to his friends and family. Emily took it all in, stored it as truth without mental commentary. In her heart, she knew that she just wasn't good enough. She was not Aaron, and did not share his charm and intelligence. That was her reality. Emily never tried to compete with Aaron, emulate him, or embrace her brother as a peer. Aaron, as older children sometimes do, held his superiority over her and rarely allowed her access to his idyllic childhood. The attention that her father bestowed upon Aaron was so pervasive, and his adoration so unrelenting that Aaron spent more time with his father than he did with his neighborhood friends. At times, Aaron seemed overwhelmed by his father's attention but from Emily's view, it looked like an ideal relationship and a sharp contrast to the grim alliance she endured with her father......


  1. I keep coming back, want to see how you unfold this interesting story....beautiful website.

  2. Interesting read, I hope you finish the book. It continues to interest me. I find the characters unusual and the set up is very good.

  3. Wow, what a neat blog and great writing. Can't wait to read more., it's so nice to see creativity expressed the way you do. I love the way you write, and the graphics are awesome. I'll definitely be back! LOVE the way you write! I found you on google reader. Nice!


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