Thursday, February 18, 2010

Emily's mother, the elusive Claire

Emily's mother, Claire, whose influence on Emily is subtle but pervasive.............

All of this was not lost on Emily. She knew that she was a bad child because no one told her that her father was anything less than perfect. Her mother, Claire, was an intelligent and sophisticated woman. Emily was in awe of her mother, she would fix her eyes on her beauty and never want to leave. Claire had azure blue eyes, alabaster skin set off by dark chestnut hair, beautifully contoured features, and full red lips. She had a mystery about her, a quiet allure as she preferred to listen to people and study them, only making comments when she had something to say. She preferred to listen to people and talk about them, which drew people to her. She had no inclination to promote herself, and had the persona of a woman that was comfortable and confident in her breeding. She came from a wealthy European family, renowned in France, and had a breadth of experience that people strive for but rarely achieve.

Emily needed her mother and tried to stay close to her when her father was around. Her mother was scholarly and taught her proper English, and about the arts which spanned far beyond her six years. Claire did not participate in small talk with Emily, and she rarely saw her mother laugh. She had a smile which she wore when in the company of others, but when she was alone she was solemn. She was usually reading or studying, and her hunger for academics was her passion. Her mother would devote one hour a day to Emily for learning. It was not related to a traditional school, it was her mother's school. The hour that Emily spent with her mother each day in learning was interesting and the discussions were lively. Emily and her mother would discuss a book and have wonderful debates on the meaning of the story. It was a delightful hour and time would pass so quickly as Emily devoured her mother's attention and reveled in the fascination of her mother's mind. When the hour was over, her mother would fold up that side of herself and life would resume as usual. Her mother would close the book and Emily would return to her room.

Her mother never discussed the cruelty of Emily's father, and Emily didn't either. The silence was a testimony to the reality that Emily was evil. She was sure of this, for if her mother didn't stop the cruelty or talk about it, it was because Emily deserved it. All of it.


  1. It sounds like claire is a beautiful woman but I think she is cold as ice and she will probably mess Emily up. She doesnt say anything on the cruel father so Emily thinks she is a bad person. Mothers have a huge infuence so I think shes messing her up. Love the writing please write more!

  2. I like Claire, shes definitely not the typical mom. Too soon to tell how shes going to influence Emily but I like her, and shes definitely sexy and mysterious.

  3. Claire sounds like she'll be an important part of the story. I like her multi-dimensional character and want to find out who she is.

  4. I signed up for your posts, Im enjoying your writing, it has some much emotion and feeling. I want to be a regular reader. Your character of Claire is interesting and I think there is more to her. She is going to be a big part of the story I think. I also love the metaphor section and if you have more, Id love to read them. You are so talented in putting feeling to words. I am so glad I found your writing.


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