Friday, February 26, 2010

Young Emily

Her young life had not been easy but her five-year-old spirit and strength had endured through the torture that tested her for as long as she could remember.  She was a bouncy, optimistic wide-eyed child with ample blonde curls that framed her delicate face and frequent smile.  The sparkle in her blue eyes could not be dimmed in spite of a cruel, evil father and the pain of abuse that befell this little girl.  She stood it all during that miserable childhood, choosing to excuse the abuser and take it upon her tiny shoulders and remain kind and giving to the people that came in and out of her young life.

Her nature defied any other reaction.  She saw her life as happy because she wanted it to be happy.  Emily was like a beautiful painting that had been vandalized by foolish men.  Scratch the surface, throw objects at the canvas, but still the painting endured.  It endured because it was there long before evil tried to destroy it.  Emily endured because the sweet essence of her spirit was also present long before her father tried to destroy her....


  1. I love to read, this is an interesting site. I love the characters and want to come back for more. You are drawing me in with the characters and can't wait to hear more. I like the characters. Nice!!!!

  2. love this blog, its interesting and I'm wondering what will happen next. Unbelievable writing. I plan to sign up for new posts for sure. Love the character of Emily, and her mom sounds compelling.

  3. I already love Emily, and I can't wait to see how she developes. I think if it werent for the grandmother, she'd be a total mess. Love the characters!!!

  4. Very poetic - outstanding writnig style. I like the Emily shes shaping out to be. Lots of great metaphors and parallels.


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