Thursday, August 5, 2010

Author's Notes: The Allure of Reid

Have you met a person that has an allure that is hard to explain, and even harder to resist?  Some people call it charisma, while others call it “magic.”  Either way, it is a powerful force that draws people into their aura.  The force in Emily’s life is Reid.  Emily does not need to use her vivid imagination to construct him – he is very real to her.  At a young age, Emily is attracted to him and drawn to his personality.  It is a friendship she feels she does not deserve, but she revels in the friendship as something that she cannot resist.  In this passage from Pages in the Wind, Emily watches Reid and describes how she sees him:

Emily found Reid playing dodge ball in the street with his friends, and sat on the curb to wait for him.  Her eyes were drawn to him, watching him control the game with his athletic skill.  She followed his movements, and the way he moved with ease to avoid the ball.  He was much taller than the other boys, but his movements were fluid and strong.  He had a slight sway to his walk, and his jawline was strong and conveyed a confidence that exuded a youthful arrogance.  As she continued to watch him, she smiled as she noticed that Reid was at the center of every scene.  She imagined that Reid was the star of the show, and everyone else was his backdrop.  She thought about how incredible he was, and how lucky she was to be his best friend.

Will Emily’s vivid imagination and her glorification of Reid blur her vision of him? Where will the irresistible force of his personality lead her?  Will she lose herself by focusing on him?  She sees him as her hero, rescuing her from a life of torment.  Will the force of his personality eclipse any chance of her developing her own will to resolve the conflict within her life?

Have you ever met someone that had an allure that is hard to explain, and even harder to resist? Where will this lead Emily? Is a charismatic personality coupled with a weak self-esteem a formula for tragedy?


  1. That is a great point; she doesnt have a good role model but I hope she will find her way out of it. Awesome post your a awesome writer, thank you for continuing to do this story!

  2. Very nice
    Very good writing
    look forward to the next one.

  3. I saw you featured as an upcoming outstanding writer, I see why girl. Great writing and compelling story. I cant wait to read all of it.

  4. I'm a little frightened by Reid's charm. Highly charismatic men can also be very abusive. I cringe when she says that she doesn't deserve him.

  5. Great writing and sooooo interesting! I already don't trust Reid! Emily is definitely prone to be with an abusive man because of her father. Can't wait to see what happens!!!


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