Thursday, November 11, 2010

Losing a Lifeline

It is never easy to lose a lifeline, whether it is a job, a duty, a person. It’s that anchor that safeguards you when life becomes unbearable. The more barren the life, the more significant the lifeline. In Pages in the Wind, Emily loses her lifeline when her father is transferred to New York and she must face a life without her Grandma and without Reid. As her mother informs young Emily that they will be moving to New York, Emily cannot process the information and the loss of the two people in her life that make it bearable.

     Emily could not take in what her mother was saying. She stared at her trying to understand why her mother was saying this to her. She had always lived in San Francisco, and she knew that her parents loved the city. It never occurred to her that they would leave. She would be leaving her grandma and Reid, but taking the nightmare with her. Her mind raced trying to make sense of what her mother said.

In the weeks to follow, Emily has to face the loss of both her grandma and her Reid. They were her links to the real world. When she was with them, she did not have to pretend to be someone else. When young Emily was with her grandma and Reid, her mind could focus on reality because that was good enough. Everything else was a fantasy, for that was the only way that she could endure her father. With the loss of her lifelines, young Emily will be forced to face her reality without a buffer and without a safe haven. How she will cope with her life without them will be critical to her psyche as well as influence her future.


  1. It is so hard to lose people that are positive role models. I hope that Emily can surpass this. Love your writing - very beautiuful.

  2. omg no all i ever your amazing so amazing .................................................................destroyed all i ever held onto

  3. now i believe i was nothing in your eyes and heart ,you needed the attention to be amazing ,

  4. I have to confess, I only just started following your blog, so this is the first thing I've seen so far. But I have to say, it sounds a lot like she's going to be suffering from root shock. Everything she's ever known is being taken away from her. She's probably going to have a harder time connecting with the landscape/community that she moves to, and she might always long for the places she considers 'safe.'


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