Thursday, December 16, 2010

What the Eyes Tell Us

The eyes have it. They cannot furrow, nor change shape, but they are the best indicator of what is in our heart. The eyes are where our tears are formed, and from our eyes we weep. Emily heightened sensitivity enables her to read eyes, to feel their spirit, and to measure their emotions. In Pages in the Wind, Emily considers what the eyes tell her about the people in her young life.

Eyes give people away, Emily thought. Her mother’s eyes are so beautiful that it is easy to get lost in their beauty, but sometimes they seem vacant. Aaron’s eyes are sweet but hard to read. Although they rarely played together, she sensed that he acknowledged her. Grandma’s eyes are gentle and peaceful. The light blue reminded her of new water flowing from a waterfall before it mixed with the murky earth. When she looked in grandma’s eyes, she felt calm and loved. Her father’s eyes are angry. They constantly move from one object to the next, judging without contemplation. His eyes never relax, and they are never soft. His probing eyes have a determined energy, a prelude to his actions. When his rage flares, she cannot look at his eyes. When he comes home, quick glances at his eyes can predict his mood. It was the best way that she could prepare for inevitable violence that she would endure. Reid’s eyes are playful and mischievous and free. They portray a confidence and joy that is infectious, and in that joy she knew that his life was free of pain. His eyes were easy to read, and held the freedom that she longed for.

I wonder how many of us have studied eyes, and reflect on what they tell us. It is all there, subtle perhaps, but there. Look long enough, and with thoughtfulness, and the soul is there. For Emily, she learns this at a young age, and her heightened sensitivity will be useful to her in coping with the difficulties that she will have to face.


  1. Wow, I've been waiting for a post because I love your story! I agree and it is one hundred percent true about the eyes. Love Emaily and love your writing. Thanx for the post and I agree with the other blogger that you have much courage in your writing.

  2. You are very descriptive and I love Emilys keen sense of emotions. YOur writing is amazing and Im a follower!

  3. Hi Sally,

    Intriguing observations.

    I'm one that ponders the many personal as well as physical emotives. I find I guard from the emphasis of one trait overwhelming a moments. It becomes hard to pivot without the reader having to re-orient their perspective. There is also the potential for the narrative to either slow or overwhelm.

    I make observations of the eyes, and relish those moments. The twinkle, the depth of color, and above all, the unique ability to use eye intensity to shift a POV and show personality.

    Conserted focus on an individual's look, posture or demeanor can be used to shift narrative distance, but only with care.

    You are indeed a passionate writer.

    I am not sure if you have visited this sight: , but Livia is actually a Neuro-scientist at M.I.T. studying different aspects of the very intense emotives you so vividly describe.

    All the Best!

    DougM - The Novel Road

  4. I am going to start reading all of your work now! I can't wait to get all caught up! I found you on facebook. If you want to take a look at my blog it's

  5. ive been following your writing, it is so beautiful and very passionate. Love Emily and the way her environment affects her and how her sensitivity flourishes. Love your writing cant wait to read your book.

  6. I have also studied eyes and now I am so into your blog and your writing. I would love to know when the book will be out, cant wait to read how this all progresses. Fascinating! :)

  7. Lovely! I love that you're considering the eyes so closely. I personally love eyes, and I love the beauty they can convey. There's nothing I enjoy more than looking into my boyfriend's blue eyes and knowing how much he cares about me. I think you really did a good job with giving her this ability. It gives her insight into other people that is really almost completely internal. She seems like a quiet and repressed person, but she finds ways to see into the hearts of people without them even knowing. She seems to be very affected by other people's moods and personalities, and this is a really good way to show that simply.
    I like the way that you've made something almost average, and completely believable, seem like an almost magical ability.

  8. I agree with the other comments; I love the way that youve subtlely shown this side of Emily. It is setting her up for a sensitivity that I'm sure will be exposed in the coming chapters. Awesome writing!!! :)

  9. Hi, I was looking forward to be reading some of your older posts. You certainly know how to capture the attention of your readers!



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