Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Broken Heart

Break ups are painful. Broken hearts have been the subject of literature, poetry, and music for centuries. A broken heart without the back up of a strong self-image can be devastating. This short passage from Pages in the Wind illustrates how detrimental a break up can be. As Reid ends his relationship with Emily, she feels an emptiness that only her imagination can cope with.

Reid shut the door unceremoniously, without a glance back at me. I slowly dropped to the floor as I felt the oxygen drain from my body. When he closed the door, he took my life with him. It was a life that he no longer wanted, but I gave it to him to keep or discard as he pleased. How strange that I can feel my heart beating inside my chest, when I know it has been shattered. I don’t want to feel this pain. The warm tears running down my face feel like lifeblood flowing from my body. As the tears flowed, I shut my eyes and imagined that the blood-tears were being channeled into a calm and peaceful abyss without the pain of a life without Reid.

This is more than a break up for Emily. Reid was her hero, the dashing prince in her fairy tale that would always have a happy ending. She thought he would be her past, her present, and her future. Now he is gone, and with the sting of a rejection that she did not anticipate. What will the rejection do to her self-esteem? Will she seek another man to fill the void, or will she begin to look inward to find her strength and self-worth? Will Reid come back to Emily, and will this be good for her? How Emily copes with this devastating loss will become paramount to the story. Can you relate to how she feels?


  1. This sure is what happened on my first breakup. It is hard when you're young and haven't development much in the way of self esteem yet. I have been folowing Emily and I'm concerned about her future. Starting to not like Reid, and personally I hope he stays away from her!!! Love your writing

  2. Your writing is very beautiful even when sad like this passage from your book. I think that it is hard for young girls to accept rejection as Im sure it is for young males also. It sound like Reid had no sensitiveity and was selfish and she had built him up to be her hero. I personally do not want him to show his ugly face to her again. She is better off without him and I hope that she finds some power within herself.

    Oh, yes I definitely have been where Emily is! At a young age it seems like life is over but with the help of family and friends you get through it. I had strong friends and a great family so cant imagine really what Emily has to get her though. I cant wait to read more, Im a huge follower.

    Your an amazing writer one of the best Ive read and I will definitely buy your book when it comes out. Your blog roll is a great indicator of what's coming and I can't wait! I feel for Emily and want her to be ok. Thank you.

  3. I am a guy, almost 30 and have felt the same thing that Emily is feeling. It is hard to put your heart on the line to have it stomped on. I can remember my first rejection and it literally took me months to get over it. I think if I saw her today I would feel the same way I did all those years ago. I still think of her. I think it might be harder when your young and it does seem like all the other relationships are utimately compared to that first one.
    Your writing is very real and I appreciate the honesty in the way you present your characters.

  4. Youve nailed it although I'm hoping for a happy ending! She seems to hold it all in and it helps to have someone to go to. I love the character and I'm on team-Emily!

  5. I've been following you, the way you write is beautiful and also hard hitting, it is moving. Your character reminds me of myself, and Im curious to see how she is going to be as a young woman. Perosnally I hope she gives Reid the big boot, she thinks hes a prince but something tells me that he is not. Your writing shows much vulnerability. Beautiful.

  6. I do relate to how she feels. I wish that I didn't sometimes, but I do. Break ups are tough especially when you are young. I don't know if Emily is going to be able to withstand Reid because he sounds like an ego-maniac from what Ive read so far. He is good looking and will grow up to be a ladies man I think. Emily is loyal and I am thinking she will get hurt. I hope she finds a decent guy but she is so hooked on Reid! Love the blog and when is the book coming out? I hope you keep the blog because it is a great way to connect with Emily.

  7. I met you through the Published Authors Network and the New Writers International. You are doing an important piece of literature and psychology as it relates to the developing mind. It has special revelance as it relates to women in our society.

    I admire the way that you have taken the time to develop your characters. It is clear in your writing that you care about the characters in the book and they are beautifully developed. I love your heroine, and the manner in which you are showing her development from a child to a woman. She has a sadness to her but also a sensuality that is becoming clear in her development as a young woman.

    I agree with your decision in group discussion to not succumb to pressure to make this into a commercial screenplay. I have written several books, and although none have been picked up as a screenplay, I have no regrets. Your dedication to the authentic work as a novel is correct. A screenplay will be a different version altogether and much is based on the commercial aspects. I admire your work, and staying loyal to the characters is often missed today.

    Continued success, I am a big admirer of your writing and the dimensions of your characters, in particular Emily.


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