Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Emily's Poetry - The Hollow Knight

The restraints placed on young Emily’s childhood by her father is eased somewhat by her expressions on paper. Young Emily uses her vivid imagination to draw and create a more palatable world. In the confines of her drawer, she keeps a pad of paper in which to write poetry. Painting and writing releases her frustrations and provides a voice to her pain. She writes freely and without measurement, and then tucks it away without reading it again. What she doesn’t realize is that her writing predicts her future, if she would only look at it. In Pages in the Wind, confused about her relationship with Reid, she wakes up from a dream and grabs the pad to release the anxieties in her heart:

Robed in gilded armor on a throne of flames,
He penetrates the brooding darkness to slay my sorrow,
But then in haste with dread of shame,
He fades into a cloud of sullen tomorrows.
To pay tribute to an honor not due,
And penance not owed,
Without a glimpse of pleasure you flew,
To bless the walls of hollow gold.

Her need for escape and fertile imagination fuels daydreams, drawings, and poetry. How far she escapes into her imagination to counteract the effects of a grueling past is crucial to her future. Emily learned at a young age to use her imagination to create the world that matches her spirit. Will she learn to temper this as she matures? Will reality live up to her imagination?


  1. I saw this on google reader, I am a big fan of your writing. I love Emilys poetry, it is interesting and also beautiful. I wonder if Emily is going to be able to handle the real world, her real world is so awful. She may become a painter or may have serious problems. I wonder what is going to happen! An interesting mystery, looking forward to your book. Amazing writer you are.

  2. I don't think that reality is going to live up to her expections. She strikes me as so creative and they say that creative people tend me have alot of difficulties. I'm following your blog and her character and I like her outlook because she has such a sweetness about her.

    I wonder if she would have become so creative without the problems in her past. I knowof hardly any great writers and artists that have normal childhoods. They dont look at the world the same which makes them artists I think.

    I have to say that I'm following this love story of Emily and Reid and Im hoping that they stay together. Their freindship is so sweet and I do think he loves Emily. I guess I'm just hoping for a happy ending!

    I love the way you write, and I cant wait to read the whole book. Will you let us all know when it is getting ready for publishing? I know you say it is the development but when it comes out I am going to buy it. I love the characters.

  3. Great point, I found you on google reader and have become one of your many fans - I am also on your published authors network. I write non-fiction and admire your writing as it relates so closely with the human psychology of this wonderful heroine that you have created.

    I don't think that reality ever lives up to an artist's imagination. Your character has survived a great deal in her life, and has emerged as a vulnerable and beautiful woman (much like you, you are gorgeous by the way). I think that her layers are what makes her a compelling character. My best choice would be for her to struggle but emerge as a strong woman in spite of her horrible upbringing.

    I have to say that I love your use of poetry in talking about Emily. The poetry is interesting and gives us a feel for her in a way that words express but poetry expresses in a more subjective sense. I have read some of your published poetry, and it is raw and fabulous.

    I look forward to chatting with you on one of the group discussions. I applaud your heroine, and you as a gifted writer.

    ---- Frank

  4. I have to agree with Frank on all his points. As an author, he has hit all literary markers and I also commend your gifted use of poetry in expressing the innermost thoughts of your heroine, Emily. I would love to join your one of your networks to get in on these discussions.

    As an educator, I look for out-of-the-box teaching methods. I thank you for letting me use your metaphor posting "Heavens Blanket" for my classroom. It proved to create a lively discussion indeed. Your story is now a favorite with my students. I thank you for granting permissions in using your work.

    As the above author's comment, your use of poetry in expression your heroine's plight is nothing short of brilliant. It gives the reader a new dimension in which to understand Emily. I haven't seen this done before, and also find it compelling. The imaginative space which poetry allows the reader is in the sphere of intuition, and provides the reader a wide range of imaginative possibilities. I have also read your published poetry and find it very vulnerable and beautiful. Incorporating your use of words through poetry into Emily's story only enhances the story and the mystique of your heroine.

    I have to say the authors comment about any similarities between you and Emily is constricting, and I would sense your frustration. Aside from the obvious that you are a beautiful woman, the parallels would be inhibiting in the sense of expressing your character. I have read that this is a common issue with writers, and to some extent it is understandable. I believe, however, that comparisons should be left to the reader so as to not affect the creativity that you use in creating the characters in your book.

    Staying on the subject, I enjoyed your post and absolutely love the inclusion of poetry into your character. It is raw and gives the reader an insightful view of your Emily and her feelings about her love, Reid.

    I know your schedule is full, but I would love to have you as a guest in my lecture at your convenience. When you have an opening in your schedule, it would be an honor to have you participate in one of my lectures.

    Fabulous work, I hope to meet you in person one day through one of your networks, or a guest in my class.

  5. Beautiful writing, Im following your blog and story. I love the way you write, and I think that Emily and Reid will have a love affair but not without its peaks and valleys. Amazing blog.

  6. I think that Emily's reality is in jeopardy. She has no choice but to escape her past. On the other hand, she would not have the unituqe qualities that she has without what she's endured. I love your writing, very poetic and inspiring.

  7. Very lovely, I have been following your writing. Love the way you write, just beautiful. Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up.

  8. Frankly speaking this is the first time I read about Emily, but I must agreed with all of the commentators that your writing is very intrigueing. Inserting poem in between the story is also make it more interesting and dramatic.Not many people can write such a beautiful drama like the way you did. You are one of the best. You can draw your readers deep down into the story and turned themself into Emily. I am curious to know the end of this serial writing. However since I have very limited time to check for the series, I will check it later when it becomes a novel oneday. Great work and congrats!

  9. This is really beatuiful writing. And the arts are a great way for expression. I love the art work as well!!


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