Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heaven's Blanket - A Metaphor for Change

I wrote this passage this morning for Emily.  It is a metaphor for change, and for hope.  As Emily watches her first snowfall, she is first mesmorized and then disappointed.  In looking beyond what is front of her, she senses the beauty that the future may hold - if only she has the courage to see it. 

I pulled my chair next to the window to watch the falling snow. The snow looks like tiny dancing flakes floating down from heaven to land softly on earth’s floor to form a smooth white blanket. This is nature’s show sent by God, I thought, to calm with sweet serenity what lies beneath the heavens. I could stay here forever watching the white circlets twist and turn with the wind in the direction of heaven’s blanket.

My peaceful trance was interrupted by Robert and his friends. The boys trampled over heaven’s gift with their heavy galoshes, screaming with delight. They bent down with mittened hands to scoop clumps of heaven’s blanket to toss at one another in joyful play. The white shower continued to fall from heaven, but as it landed, the boys continued their gleeful play to run on heaven’s blanket, distorting the smooth surface. As they continued to run and play, bits of brown earth were tossed on the white blanket and it lost its purity and peaceful beauty. I looked upward to see that the falling snow had lost its tempo, and was going away. I looked out the window, disappointed that my peaceful feeling was gone.

As I started to leave, I moved my eyes to the distant field where no one ever played. The snow had covered the barren field with the glory of heaven’s blanket. The old leafless trees that once stood tired and unimpressive were now fascinating structures covered in white snow ornaments. Each branch reached out with different shapes formed by the virgin snow. I stared at the scene for hours, feeling the peaceful joy of God’s gift. All I needed to do was look up from the trampled scene in front of me, to see the beauty and peaceful bliss that stood untouched in the distance.


  1. Found this on google reader and it caught my eye. I have been looking for change but so terrified of it. This was most sure made for my life right now and gives me something to think about when Im afraid to make that step. thank you for your post, it got to me.

  2. I love the metaphorical symbols for change. This post is beautifully written. :)

    I like your blog title as well.

  3. who is emily??
    this heart warming story brought me to my real imaginations... about who is Emily...

  4. I love the images that you develop with your writing. I am also a writer and love the metaphors. Great writing and I commend you on your upcoming book.

  5. I saw this on google reader; what a wonderful metaphor for change. It is beautifully written. I look forward to the book, and will be in line to buy the first hard cover. Fabulous.

  6. Emily is a fascinating character, Ive been reading your work as it progresses. You have bruilt the picture of a woman that I definitely want to know. Cant wait to see her develope into a woman and who she will become with all of the obstacles in her life. Love the blog and I applaud this work, and congratulations on your feature.

  7. I follow many writers in my work, and your use of metaphors is the best I've read. It helps my students to teach through the use of literature as opposed to lecture. Metaphors are a powerful tool for determining and expressing educational philosophy. Professionals and people in general are more receptive to ideas when they are expressed indirectly through symbolism. Metaphors use symbolism to link ideas about teaching and learning to something more familiar. Metaphors are even used to illustrate difficult scientific concepts in science, a use that would not immediately come to mind.

    Your vision of Emily is fascinating and the long term implications of her relationship with her family. I too congratulate you on your work and will look forward to the hard copy of your work.

    I would like to use this particular metaphor that you wrote today in my class, and ask your permission in doing so. I will be interested in seeing how the concept is handled with my students. It promises to meet with some lively discusion.

  8. Beautiful use of imagery, and I want to know more about Emily. Something tells me that she is going to be a beautiful young woman not unlike your own picture. This is a great read and I'm enjoying all your posts. Two thumbs up.


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