Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Charm and Evil

I am posting this in light of what is going on in our world right now. Charisma can be a destructive force when in the wrong hands...

It is an interesting oxymoron, that charm and evil often exist together. It takes only a short analysis of the notorious villains in history to see that their charismatic skills of persuasion were paramount in victimizing their prey. Bernie Madoff would not have been able to pillage billions from clients without a charming persona and the ability to manipulate investors with a carefully orchestrated image designed to deceive his victims. In Pages in the Wind, Captain Jacob Taylor is able to commit horrendous acts of violence against Emily free of active intervention from anyone.

His charm is illustrated in this passage from Pages in the Wind:

Her father was gregarious and the first one invited to a party, for his quick wit and engaging presence. He was often called on to be the master of ceremonies at naval functions. He was not hindered by inhibitions, and reveled at being the center of attention without looking foolish or self-serving. His co-workers admired him for his intelligence and imposing demeanor, and women found him attractive and seductive. He filled up every room that he walked into. His stride was confident, and in his company you knew that you were in the presence of a man that could have whatever he desired. It was the way he laughed with his eyes, the way he exuded confidence with every step he took, the way he seasoned his conversation with interesting anecdotes.

It must be confusing to young Emily to watch the father that purposefully hurts her to be celebrated by family and friends. She is far too young to discern the difference between the private and public man. She longs for her father's charm to be directed at her. This reinforces the perception that she is hopelessly flawed and unworthy. What will be the long term effect of seeking this approval? Will Emily be drawn to men that are similar to her father? Perhaps more disastrous, will she be prey to men that give her the love and affection that she so desperately needs?


  1. I found you through one of my networks. As a fellow writer, I appreciate your insight into the psychological aspects of your character. Your writing is beautiful and poignant as it relates to the development of your sweet character of Emily. I look very much forward to following this through to its completion as a novel. Thank you for the post. It definitely relates to what is going on right now.

  2. Such insight and also beautiful writing. I do identify so much with what you write. I do agree that charisma can be dangerous in the wrong hands. It's a frightening world we live in. Your writing is poetic.

  3. Outstanding post and I agree that it is insightful and gives one much to ponder think. Your characters are interesting and I would say that Jacob Taylor falls into the charm and evil category. Can't wait to see what happens.

  4. When will the book come out? I'm so totally addicted to this story. I do not like Reid!! Can't wait to read the whole thing. I love the way you write, reels me in!

  5. It is certainly true that the world needs less charisma and more truth I think. Your writing is very much the study in personality and how we are taken in by the charismatic people in the world today. I love the story of Emily and Reid and I am probably in the miority but I love Reid so far and want them to be togehter!

  6. I have been following your blog, it is so lovely and well written. I hope that you keep wrting and bring this to a book, I would love to read it. Great blog.


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