Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Weapon of Silence

For Emily, in Pages in the Wind, she faces the timeless demon of passive aggression - silence. Silence coupled with desire is excruciating.  It is also cruel.  We see this in Pages in the Wind, as Emily spends time with her mother hoping to win her attention.

I felt like I had been dropped from a ten foot ledge, not enough to kill me but enough to leave some pretty big bruises.  Her question was not a question at all; it was a request for me to leave.  I was being dismissed, like a meek maid facing the mistress of the manor before a curtsied exit.  She never looked at me, not even a passing glance.  I stared at her, feeling like the invisible daughter, who never rates her time.  I would have pulled the sun from the sky, and danced on the boiling surface to get her to notice me. 

This silence will play an important role in Emily’s relationship with her mother and set the tone for how she relates to her as an adult.

Have you experienced silence in your interpersonal relationships, and how did it affect you?