Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Role of Brother is Now Being Played By......

Have you ever discovered someone that you thought you knew, suddenly different in the absence of someone else? It could be someone’s wife that you never knew until you talked to her without the front-and-center husband.  It could be the studious kid sitting in front of you in class, the one with his hand raised all the time (to your annoyance), that you suddenly find yourself talking to in the cafeteria.  In Pages in the Wind, Emily is surprised to discover a brother that she never knew existed…..she found him when he was alone.

We sat there in silence, two people sharing something that was impossible to understand.  Robert kept his head down, lost in his thoughts as he stared at the cement steps.  I was lost in my thoughts too, or maybe just lost ……I don’t know.  I looked at Robert out of the corner of my eye, not wanting to disturb his thoughts or embarrass him.  Something was different about him; he didn’t seem like Mr. Perfect…at least not right now.  He just looked like a nice boy in shiny shoes and a red bow tie, with more on his mind than just getting to the science fair or the next endeavor in his long list of future achievements. Sitting there, side- by -side on the cement steps outside our house, he was just my brother.

It’s easy to be eclipsed by another person, but when you get him alone and relate to him one-on-one………..wonderful insights can be discovered.  New relationships can form.  Has this happened to you?