Friday, May 18, 2012

The Mystique of Claire

Emily’s mother, Claire, is beautiful, cold, and mysterious.  It’s a blurring combination of characteristics for the young Emily.  She longs for her mother’s love, and desperately wants to know her, to figure out who she is.  That’s the thing about being cold, isn’t it? A cold personality is often mistaken for mysterious, especially when mixed with intense beauty.  This is a passage from Pages in the Wind, when Emily sits in the foyer at a party, and tries to figure out who her mother is.

Watching mother was like trying to figure out the clues to a spellbinding mystery.  Her entrance was like watching as a shadow exits a train, obscured by fog.  As the fog clears, you see a stunning and mysterious woman emerge.  The minute you see her, you know instantly that she is the heroine of the book.

Sometimes a mysterious personality is not mysterious at all – it is just empty.  For Emily, she tries to solve the mystery of her mother and fill in the blanks.  What she doesn’t see is that the clue is in the blanks – which are just that – empty.