Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Author's Note

The book is progressing nicely, the characters are all coming together and developing a life of their own.  Some of the characters have taken a more pivotal role than I anticipated, and that's good.  That's part of the intrigue of writing, finding twists and turns along the way that you didn't anticipate.

The characters are aging, and lives are becoming more complicated, and darker, for sure.  I find that I can't write as long these days.  It's not that the time or energy isn't there - it is.  The characters can be draining emotionally.  I don't want to short-change the depth of the characters, so when I find myself becoming depleted - I stop.  I don't want to compromise the content by pushing beyond my own creative endurance.

I wonder if other writers have felt drained by their characters.  I find that giving myself some space at times - is helpful and keeps the character from dominating me - so I can direct the story without feeling overwhelmed.  Just a thought.