Monday, July 23, 2012

Doing Something - in the Aftermath of Colorado Tragedy

In light of the mass shooting in Colorado, it was hard to sit down and work on my book today.  The pictures and stories of the victims have been flashing through my mind, and weighing on my heart.  It's all so senseless, and yet it's hard not to look for a reason or meaning behind such an evil act.  If we don't find the reason, which is undoubtedly complex, we can't possibly even begin to fix it.

I suppose my biggest fear is that we can't fix it, that society has gone too far in its thirst for violence, the mental health system is inadequate, and the gun laws are inept.  The list could probably fill a book, it boggles the mind to the point where we can't wrap our head around such acts.  I just know in my hearts that I need to do something.

Perhaps the answer for me as a lone individual is to leave the heavy analysis for the people far more qualified than I am to tackle this multi-dimensional issue.  Still, I can't just pretend that someone else will handle it - and off I go with my usual routine.  I have to do something, because for me anyway - nothing just isn't acceptable anymore.

I remember the first time I started feeling uneasy about that "something" that was going on in society.  I was a mother with children in elementary school, and I turned on the television to the horror of school shootings.  This wasn't happening in a war torn nation - this was a small town similar to the town I lived in.  It was senseless - and frightening.  For the remainder of their school days, when I would drop my kids off for school - I said a prayer that they would be safe. I couldn't imagine my life without these two precious girls, and faced with the fear inside me, all I could do was say that prayer. It was a helpless feeling, and haunted me daily.

So, today as I sit down to write fictional words and continue my book - I know in my heart that I have to do something to try to help.  I don't know what it is yet, and I know it won't change the world - I don't have that capacity, no one does.  I just know that when I try to sleep at night, at least I'll know that, however small, I did what I could to make a difference somewhere and somehow.  I just have to try.


  1. I think that you're right because its so multidimensional. I think that our mental health system has broken up to. I seriously think that the video games and movies are far too violent and its hard to think of what mental issues and violent movies do to the mind.

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  3. I certainly understand what you're feeling, and its well written. I don't have the answers either but I do see a shift in what's going on out there. I think you are right - you just have to try.


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