Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lost Optimism

It’s a challenge to be optimistic during difficult times - I know that I struggle with it.  Emily, the heroine of my developing book, finds this particularly difficult when she is forced to move to a new city and leave the man she loves.  As she arrives in the city, she inadvertently draws a comparison between the city and her own feelings of abandonment. 

The decaying buildings were coated with layers of murky filth from decades of carbon monoxide spewed by speeding cars.  It was deeply embedded in the wood, which made it hard to see what was once new and magnificent.  Through the lens of my darkened mood, all I could see was the damage clinging to the building as a testimony to what people do without regard for preserving the ancient building.  I couldn’t think about it anymore; I had to shut my eyes and stop the onslaught of barren, cracked, and damaged images.  When I closed my eyes and repeated the words barren, cracked, and damaged - I realized that I was describing myself.  I felt barren, cracked, and damaged, and arriving in this unwanted city was a match to exactly how I felt all the time.


  1. Beautifully written, I'm a huge fan of yours.

  2. i love the descriptive way you use your writing to show the feelings behind what you describe. You have a great blog and Im now following. Look forward to seeing your book upon completion.

  3. Beautiful post, love your writing. It is easy to lose optimism in our society - especially of late. Add on a personal incident and it makes it even worse. Nice blog!!!

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