Monday, November 12, 2012

Chosen Paths

The book is progressing, it's taken some unexpected twists and turns along the way - which is indicative of the main character - Emily.  She takes some unexpected paths, that if she had known better at the time - she would have avoided.  That's part of life's lessons, for sure.  Of course, some paths should be avoided altogether, especially if you're not prepared for where the path leads.   Emily faces an inward battle between what she wants and what is best for her future.  In this scene from Pages in the Wind, she contemplates whether to take a path that her much wiser brother warns her not to take  

I wiped the tears from my cheeks, and began walking in the direction of my life.  Something stopped me, and I had to turn around.  It wasn't Reid, I knew that he'd still be there.  After all, he'd moved heaven and earth to find me.  It was something else, a haunting feeling about one of the last things Robert said to me: You cannot go back there.  It's very, very dark.  I'm sorry, but you just don't have enough light in you to fight it.  I instinctively rubbed my arm vigorously to stop the chills that were surging through me.  His words left me wondering if it was some sort of premonition.  But Robert wasn't a fortune teller, he was smart and measured - and he spoke with a certainty that scared the hell out of me.  

Emily is conflicted - for sure.  It makes for good fiction, but I can certainly relate to it in my own life.  I wonder how many of us wonder at times if we had only chosen a different path - how would our lives be different.  Would we go back and change it if we could?