Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cast Changes

The first draft of Pages is finished, and now I'm in the editing phase.  Some of it (even the stuff I like) has to go, and the characters have evolved and sometimes morphed into a different character altogether.  A few characters that started out as bit-players are walking to center stage in the final.  Somewhere in the story, they must have touched a chord in me and in doing so — have become more important to the story.

This is certainly true of the psychiatrist - Dr. Lieberman.  He started out as somewhat insignificant but I grew to like him.  Why? Because he was different and complicated.  Here's a glimpse at him:

Not what I expected.  Hearing about all the books he'd written, and his world-renowned status as an expert in regression therapy, I expected a tall dapper professor type in a three piece suit.  That wasn't Dr. Lieberman.  What I saw was a pencil-thin man in his late sixties wearing a wrinkled gray suit holding up his "wait a minute" finger as he fumbled through an avalanche of loose papers.  His wide beat-up wooden desk was filled with unwashed coffee cups, un-filed notebooks, and empty candy wrappers.

I suppose this is true in "real life" too -- someone that you thought was somewhat insignificant in your life grabbed you in some way and changed how you saw that person — and perhaps how you saw yourself.  


  1. Lilian Thomas-BellApril 8, 2013 at 8:00 AM

    Love your description of the doctor. I'm subscribing to your blog, can't wait to see the book when it comes out! Interesting characters and storyline!

  2. Found your blog in the directory, what a great story! I'm looking forward to your book as it has a lot of raw emotion and intrigue. AWESOME!

  3. I've changed my cast a lot too, you love em then you love em more! Love your blog, it's artistic and interesting!

  4. I've been following your blog, its interesting. I like the Emily character and I'm rooting for her! Look forward to the finished book!

  5. Belinda Bostwich-CawnMay 1, 2013 at 8:43 AM

    Love your writing, this story is interesting and it caught me immediately. It sounds like it's quite the mystery. I love the characters and the way you explain what they may be thinking and then toss it back to our own lives. Makes me think!

  6. Great blog, I'm a fan. When does the book come out. I also am working on a new book, it's a long process filled with emotions. Your book sounds unbelievably interesting and intriguing with a capital I!

  7. So pleased I stopped by Sally. I will have to go back and check out what has gone before. Your description of the psychiatrist is very real in terms of the preconceived picture we build in our imaginations of 'characters' and when we meet them face to face they are not at all as 'assumed'. So this is a great twist.
    Good luck with your writing! Am subscribing by e mail.

  8. Peggy Booth-HugesJuly 17, 2013 at 8:47 AM

    Love your blog and it sounds like a very interesting book in the works! I would love to hear more about the characters, they are so interesting. I'm on your follower list now.

  9. Love your description of the doctor and the way you are blogging about your book. I've been wondering how I should blog about my book before it is published. Your book sounds interesting.


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