Monday, June 3, 2013

Discovering Robert

Do you remember a day when everything you thought about a person changed? When you saw a person in a completely different way? When what you thought you knew about the person only skimmed the surface? This happened to the character, Emily, in Pages in the Wind.  Her brother was virtually unknown to her — they didn't share the same childhood.  I suppose you could say that he (excuse the cliche) was the prodigal son.  This all changed one day, sitting with him on the porch on a lazy summer day.  

Robert flashed a "goodbye-for-now" smile as he stood up and started walking toward the science fair.  I watched him walk, keeping my eyes fixed on the perfect boy with the shiny black shoes and red bow tie.  He looked different — smaller and more vulnerable — almost lonely.  Something made me see him differently.  It certainly wasn't his perfectly combed hair, or his over starched shirt — that was always Robert.

As I thought about the look in his blue eyes, and the way he handed me the brown paper bag…I realized what was different about him.  He was different because father wasn't with him.  Father wasn't there to bolster him up on a pedestal, and direct his every move like the grand ringmaster.  Without father, Robert was my brother.

And I loved him…I loved the sweet, lonely boy in the shiny shoes and red bow tie.

Robert will become an important character in Emily's life - now that she realizes he is so much more than a nerdy brother living in a different universe.