Friday, November 13, 2015


Have you known someone that had a strength that surpassed circumstance? That in spite of everything, they stood strong? Where does that come from? I’ve witnessed this kind of strength and am in awe of that kind of power. I’m still searching for the answer to why some people stand tall and are able to transcend anything thrown their way. One of the characters in my new book, Brooklyn Bitters, has that kind of strength:

I smiled, watching her trembling hands struggle to eat the chili. Her soft blue eyes and graying hair was twisted in a chignon and loose curls hung around her face. Somehow, every day she still managed to put red lipstick on her full mouth.  In spite of her illness, she was still a beautiful woman at seventy-two years old. But what shone most was her spirit; she never complained and refused to let her condition define her. You could say she “went around it,” accepting it as a fact of life, but not letting it stop her from doing what she could do. Still, every day I hoped for a remission. No one deserved it more.

Do you know someone with this kind of strength? Perhaps you've been told you are strong in a way that is different from others? Maybe it's optimism or spirituality or something else. Perhaps both and more. I just believe we need more of whatever that is that makes us look at things differently—better.