Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nobody's Fool

Brooklyn Bitters, my second novel, is coming along and the characters are taking shape. This rough excerpt gives a glimpse into the developing love story.

He was too good to be true and I was no debutante showing up with a dreamy guy on my arm to impress Atlanta society. The truth was I knew nothing about him other than he was the master of flattery and I was a lonely forty-year-old woman with a weakness for epic love stories. He hadn’t given me his phone number, told me where he worked, or where he lived. That was a recipe for heartache. Why he picked me I had no idea. I was average looking, had a mere two thousand dollars in my savings account, and a job at a small publishing company with little upward mobility.

Kate is nobody's fool. Oh sure, the handsome guy with the strong jaw and chiseled features turned her head for the night but the light of morning brought clarity. Thank God. Listen to her inner dialogue. Have you been there?