Friday, June 10, 2016

Brooklyn Bitters- Stacey

My next book, Brooklyn Bitters, is in its second edit and due out this summer or early Fall. The characters are fully developed and I'm having fun with them. In this excerpt, meet Stacey, the heroine's younger sister:

My sister barreled down the stairs dressed in a tight fitting white tank top and pink shorts. Her blonde hair trailed down her back in spiral curls, still a bit damp. She'd managed to brush mascara on her big blue eyes, along with hot pink lipstick. She looked sultry and bubbly. At five-feet-two, she had perky breasts and a toned figure, which she worked on five days a week at the gym. Her face, at thirty-seven, was unlined and "girlish" with her delicate features and a hint of freckles spread across her rounded nose.