Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ghost of Penelope from Pages in the Wind

But one day last year, she came back to me. It happened an afternoon last spring at the playground. Girls were giggling nearby, and I swung around expecting to find my sister. I stood still, feeling silly and light, my body tingling. We must have laughed all the time until something terrible happened to her and the laughter stopped. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Intuitive Fear - Brooklyn Bitters

Time passed as I continued to stare at my house. Every minute or so, I peered up the street for signs of Gunner's car. Nothing. It made no sense to stay in my car. My legs had cramped, and if I kept the inside light on any longer, it could wear down the battery. That would strand me. I massaged my neck muscles and wondered why I was frightened now. I'm home. Just go inside, Gunner will be back soon.

A sense of foreboding pursued me as I headed up the walkway, looking side-to-side for signs of an unknown peril. Months of uncertainty were coming to a sinister conclusion, I felt it in my gut.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Kate's Doubts

 The central character in Brooklyn Bitters, a forty year old career woman, longs for a romantic relationship. When she meets a handsome, charismatic man in New York City her excitement is filled with doubts. The man is secretive and she fears her attraction to him will supersede her good sense. In this excerpt, in the privacy of her office, she contemplates their relationship.

I tossed the messages aside and leaned back in my chair staring at my framed degree on the wall. I graduated summa cum laude not because I was a member of Mensa but because I worked my ass off. I couldn't let a secretive man derail all I'd worked for. So, until Gunner could fess up to why he showed up that night at Mulligans and who he was—I couldn't go any further with him.