Monday, October 24, 2016

Intuitive Fear - Brooklyn Bitters

Time passed as I continued to stare at my house. Every minute or so, I peered up the street for signs of Gunner's car. Nothing. It made no sense to stay in my car. My legs had cramped, and if I kept the inside light on any longer, it could wear down the battery. That would strand me. I massaged my neck muscles and wondered why I was frightened now. I'm home. Just go inside, Gunner will be back soon.

A sense of foreboding pursued me as I headed up the walkway, looking side-to-side for signs of an unknown peril. Months of uncertainty were coming to a sinister conclusion, I felt it in my gut.


  1. When is it due out.....very suspenseful and would love to read more!

    1. I'm hoping this spring! I'm in my last edit now!:)

  2. Very suspenseful.....would love to read more. When is it due out?


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