Monday, November 28, 2016

The Comforter in the Story

One of my favorite characters in Pages in the Wind is Doctor Lieberman. At first, an unlikely hero, he is everything you would want in a wise man. In many ways, he is the comforter in the story. When things become sad or dark, the doctor makes us feel we can find our way back from a seemingly impossible human condition. I love him. Here is an excerpt from the story, Pages in the Wind.

The doctor glanced at me without releasing the grip on his pen. "One moment, please."

It amazed me that such a frail man could write with such vigor. I looked forward now to our weekly visits, to some extent because it gave me a break from solitary, but also because I'd grown to like him. He never treated me like an inmate and, in spite of the murder charge, he managed to make me believe I had some good in me.

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