Sunday, March 19, 2017

Letting Go

One of my favorite poems is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. I've thought of that so often in my life, not just for myself, but for people I love. It's especially hard for family members when they want the best for a loved one but they choose a destructive path. Eventually, you have to let spite of heartache and worry. You have no choice because you aren't helping. They don't hear you. So, you pray they will find their way back and reach their own understanding. I have found, in my own life, that the easy road is seldom the right one...and a loving and trusted family member is always the one to listen to.

Robert, in Pages in the Wind, convinces his sister to move to Boston for a new life. But when a boy she loves returns, she let's go of her brother's plan to get her away from a horrid situation and chooses to go with the boy. But not without seconds thoughts...that may prove to be too late:

The jet climbed into the darkness. The promise of a new life away from Father, Lesley College, and studying art was gone. My body sagged, overcome with guilt that I couldn't make Robert understand that I had to follow the yearning in my heart. I turned, wiped the tears away, and began walking in the direction of my life with Reid.

I had to turn around. A strange breeze lingered, whispering in my ear, warning me to consider my brother's words. Robert had told me home was very dark and begged me not to go back there. He said I didn't have enough light to fight Father. He would have explained everything on the plane. Now I might never know. I looked up and stared at the empty space where he had flown away. Something in the dark void warned me I lost much more than a promise of a new life.

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  1. I'm one of your biggest fans. I loved your book so much, I read it twice. You showed me that people can survive abuse and I was moved by the brother and saddened that the rest of her family was so cold. You're a born writer and I cannot wait for your next book.


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